New @ Aphrodite Shop!

4:32:00 PM

Hi all.. APHRODITE SHOP present new products with African theme.

African dining room set includes:

* African table: 1 prim COPY/MOD

* African chair: MESH 2 LI COPY only. With 15 quality animations for drinking, eating, chatting and more.

* African carpet: decorative African rug with wrinkles, short hair & realistic, sculpted 1 prim. COPY/MOD

* African chandelier: with coffee scented candle, animated on/off. MESH 2 LI. COPY only.

African masks sold apart, not included. African placemats with African food, and African pillows basket with original handmade textures, set of 9 african vases decorative and Aphrodite African women with flowers,  also sold apart!

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