2:27:00 PM

Mesh head: VCO / Milli Head Mesh  "New"
Eyes: SU! / Damya Eyes
Hair: [BURLEY] / Paige-B
Headdress: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Deerie Headdress  "New @ Collabor88"
Sweater: Moon Amore / Otonyo Sweatshirt + Skirt  "New @ Collabor88"
Warmers: fri. / Marnie.Warmers  "New @ Collabor88"
Shoes: REIGN. / Teeks
Plushies: INIA / Halloween Cuties  "New @ You Gatcha Event"
Poses: Label Motion

Lights: [Atomic Home] / Fall String Lights  "New @ Collabor88"
Bicycle: {what next} / Autumn Bicycle Decor  "New @ Collabor88"
Stump: Raindale / Woodland stump
Bag: [ bubble ] / Nightmare bag  "New @ The Nightmare Event 2016"

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