6:40:00 PM

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Catya (Bento)
Skin: Insol / Yolo (Gacha)  "New @ The Epiphany"
Eyes: [Cubic Cherry] / Ba'al eyes  "New @ Memento Mori"
Hair: .Olive. / the Princess Hair  "New @ The Secret Hideout"
Bindi: .Olive. / the Heart Gem Moon Bindi  "New @ The Secret Hideout"
Mask: Le Morte / Hachiro Mask  "New @ The Dark Style Fair"
Horns: [Cubic Cherry] / Ba'al horns  "New @ Memento Mori"
Halo: [Cubic Cherry] / Ba'al halo  "New @ Memento Mori"
Armlets: AvaWay / Eluidess_Armlets  "New @ Cosmopolitan"
Hands: *katat0nik* / Female BENTO Iron Cage Hands  "New @ Sanarae Event"
Bodysuit: Violent Seduction / Eunomia  "New @ Bloom Event"
Tattoo: [TWC] / 11 RARE My Bad
Boots: [The Forge] / Seline Boots  "New @ Limited8"
Sword: [EZ] / The Sever, Sword v2  "New @ Fantasy Faire 2017"
Skeletal: CURELESS / Skeletal System

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