1:05:00 PM

Shape: N*Joy / Yolandi Bento Shape
Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Lona (Bento)
Skin: Insol / Yolo RARE (Gacha)  "New @ The Epiphany"
Eyes: SU! / Astrid Eyes  "New @ anyBODY"
Lips: Pink Acid / Catwa Kappukeki Fall Gloss
Hair: Foxy / Kali Hair  "New @ Fameshed"
Coat: ryvolter / Maud Fur Coat  "New @ 6° Republic Event"
Collar: Bodysuit: Sallie & Language / VintageBunny Collar  "New @ The Epiphany"
Bodysuit: Sallie & Language / VintageBunny Bodysuit  "New @ The Epiphany"
Shoes: Essenz / Amazon  "New @ The Dark Style Fair"

Frame: CMYK / Santorini Frame  "New @ 6° Republic Event"
Plants: BAZAR / Berlin-Plant 2  "New @ 6° Republic Event"
Pots: BAZAR / Berlin-Pots  "New @ 6° Republic Event"
Flowers: "Moon_Sha" / Huge Magic Flower  "New @ Enchantment"
Wall: [[RH]] / Japanese Summer House Entrance  "New @ Fameshed"

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