3:30:00 PM

Shape: N*Joy / Yolandi Bento Shape
Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Lona (Bento)
Hair: Mello. / Entangled  "New @ Enchantment"
Crown: Austris / rapunzel gacha flower crown  "New @ Enchantment"
Top: [The Forge] / [LFC] Knightress Top  "New @ FGC"
Skirt: [The Forge] / [LFC] Knightress Skirt  "New @ FGC"
Dress: [The Forge] / [LFC] Knightress Dress  "New @ FGC"
Staff: [The Forge] / Dual Staff, RARE C  "New @ FGC"
Leg Chain: Supernatural / Lanna Leg Chain  "New @ ROMP"
Tattoo: White~Widow / MatchPoint
Shoes: [The Forge] / Katana Heels  "New @ Kustom9"

Balcon w/ poses: Fashiowl Poses / Balcony  "New @ Enchantment"
Boat: Peaches 'N Cream / Now That I See You Boat w/ poses  "New @ Enchantment"
Lanterns: Peaches 'N Cream / Now That I See You Lanterns  "New @ Enchantment"
Moon: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / La Lune  "New @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival"

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