5:17:00 PM

- Mesh head: CATWA HEAD - Lona
- Skin: PUMEC (RARE)  "New @ Kustom9"
- Hair: .Olive. - the Lorelai Hair  "New @ Rewind Event"
- Outfit: CUREMORE - Pastry Desire Outfit  "New @ Rewind Event"
- Necklace: Supernatural - Lena Set  "New @ Cosmopolitan"
- Rings: Inkhole - Sugar/Salt Rings  "New @ Cookish Fair 2017"
- Tattoo: [TWC] - Honey Honey  "New @ Cookish Fair 2017"
- Cake: {Imeka} - Yummy fall recipes GACHA  "New @ Cookish Fair 2017"
- Backdrop: Astralia - Pin up life backgrounds (Bakery) RARE  "New @ Rewind Event"

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  1. I think I have been under a rock somehow, I did not know there was an event called Cookish Fair,this is wonderful. Your picture is amazing, and drew me to your post and now I have found something to explore. The honey is an awesome addition, and I can only imagine the mess you got into after finally devouring that cake :)

    Sasy Scarborough

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