3:44:00 PM

  • Pants: +Gild+ - Hooded cape set Gacha [Pants]  "New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival"
  • Hoodie: +Gild+ - Hooded cape Gacha "New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival"
  • Arm: +Gild+ - Artificial arm Gacha [RARE]   "New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival"
  • Tattoo: DAPPA - No Love  "New @ Man Cave"
  • 1.Accesories: CODEX - Bracelet kolsch  "New @ Man Cave"
  • 2.Accesories: GUTCHI - Vintage Gas Mask
  • 3.Accesories:: Flaks - [Mt.] Bullet Belt
  • Decor Wall:  Jashin's Store - Sci-Fi Wall Windowed
  • Decor Crates: [Neurolab Inc.] - Ammunition Container
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