10:39:00 AM

- Mesh head: CATWA HEAD - Lona
- Skin: PUMEC (RARE)  "New @ Kustom9"
- Hair: DOUX - Swanepoel hairstyle  "New @ TresChic"
- Rings: MINIMAL - Spirit Rings  "New @ Shiny Shabby"
- Top: Blueberry - Zuzu Knotted Tops  "New"
- Dress: Blueberry - Zuzu Mini Dresses  "New"
- Tattoo: Speakeasy - Viper Tattoo  "New @ Applique"

- Fish Tank: JIAN - Wall-Mounted Betta Tank  "New @ Uber"
- Perch: PLAAKA - PerchHanger  "New @ Shiny Shabby"
- Deco: MAJESTY - Holiday Gacha (Hucci Gift Box RARE)  "New @ Kustom9"

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