8:06:00 PM

- Mesh head: CATWA HEAD - Lona
- Skin: PUMEC (RARE)  "New @ Kustom9"
- Hair: Stealthic - Cadence
- Glasses: [Cubic Cherry] - Anya  "New @ Okinawa Winter Festival"
- Scarf: Chronokit - Scarf03  "New"
- Hat: OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.Winter.Hat  "New @ The Arcade Gacha Event"
- Sweater: OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.Sweater  "New @ The Arcade Gacha Event"
- Pants: SPIRIT - Fortuna high-waisted flare jeans  "New @ Uber"
- Shoes: EMPIRE - Luculia  "New @ Winter Trend Fair"
- Boy: [Black Bantam] - Little Boy Justin Brown 02 RARE
- Guitar: Wednesday[+] - Strange Life Guitar  "New @ The Arcade Gacha Event"
- Camera: Wednesday[+] -  Strange Life Wearable Camera  "New @ The Arcade Gacha Event"
- Fawnies: OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.BabyFawn Decor  "New @ The Arcade Gacha Event"
- Winter tree: hive - lighted birch tree  "New @ Kustom9"

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