4:48:00 PM

- Mesh head: CATWA HEAD - Lona
- Skin: PUMEC  "New @ The Chapter Four"
- Hair: [RA] - Sam Hair  "New @ Fameshed"
- Necklace: NOIR - Edith Necklace  "New @ District20"
- Bodysuit: SPIRIT - Disa bodysuit RARE  "New @ The Arcade"
- Scarf: Sweet Thing. - Cozy Scarf - Lucky Cat  "New @ The Arcade"
- Mittens: Sweet Thing. - Cozy Mitts - Lucky Cat  "New @ The Arcade"
- Socks: erratic - eva knee socks  "New"
- Tattoo: Bolson - Willem Tattoo  "New @ The Mens Dept."


- Cakes: DISORDERLY- Dessert for Xmas  "New @ Tannenbaum"
- Pillow: [Bad Unicorn] - Lucid Pillow Fort  "New @ District20"
- Tree ornaments: Astralia - Xmas Cuties  "New @ Tannenbaum"
- Plushies: Serenity Style - Nani Winter Friends  "New @ The Liaison Collaborative"

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