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The MURDEROUS MERMAID BATHROOM gacha collection finds its BDSM inspirations from water torture-inspired punish-play.

Product features include 29 gacha items (*4 Rares)

Seen here (on bath, ceiling & sink):-

▶ Bath Tub (Rare)

➵ Boasts Single, Couple & Sex animations via an avisitter engine.

➵ Touch tap to enable running water/foam/bath

➵ Touch for props eg: Splashing bubbles(for couple interaction)

▶ Ceiling Rack BDSM (Rare)

➵ Boasts RLV capture (with avisitter) + poses for subs

➵ Suspension ropes on ceiling beams offers upside-down punish-play poses

▶Aquarium Sink (Rare)

➵ Includes HUD to rez or de-rez fishes

For more on details on MURDEROUS MERMAID BATHROOM gacha collection, please visit the FAPPLE BLOG.

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