2:54:00 PM

- Mesh head: CATWA HEAD - Lona
- Skin: PUMEC
- Hair: Wasabi Pills - Yara Mesh Hair  "New @ Fameshed"
- Top: RKKN - Katya's Top  "New @ Shiny Shabby"
- Skirt: RKKN - Katya's Leather Skirt  "New @ Shiny Shabby"
- Gloves: RKKN - Katya's Gloves  "New @ Shiny Shabby"
- Tattoo: DAPPA - Ete Tattoo  "New @ the LEVEL event"
- Shoes: EMPIRE - Mazus
- Chair and table: Nutmeg.
- Roses: [ zerkalo ] Casino Gacha - Roses from Cards (RARE)  "New @ Kustom9"
- Money box: [ zerkalo ] Casino Gacha - Box w/Money  "New @ Kustom9"

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