Die with me..

12:22:00 AM

Shape: N*Joy / Yolandi Bento Shape
Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Catya (Bento)
Skin: Insol / Mashell's secrets #10 "Party girl"   "New! @ The Epiphany"
Hair: Wasabi Pills / London Mesh Hair  "New! @ Ultra Event"
Mask: Le Morte / The Unnamed Mask  "New! @ ROMP"
Headband: DISORDERLY. x .random.Matter. / Infested Headband  "New! @ Memento Mori"
Bracelet: DISORDERLY. x .random.Matter. / Infested Roarch Pet  "New! @ Memento Mori"
Book: DISORDERLY. x .random.Matter. / Infested Book RARE  "New! @ Memento Mori"
Cage and Box: DISORDERLY. x .random.Matter. / Infested  "New! @ Memento Mori"
Top: Messy. / Lifted Tanktop  "New! @ Hentai Fair"
Burns tattoo: TWC / 10 RARE My Bad  "New! @ The Project Se7en"
Weapon: (FA) / The Right Answer Single Ebony

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