4:20:00 PM

On me (left):
Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Catya (Bento)
Skin: Insol / Sarah
Eye makeup: SU! / Ilienne Eye Makeup  "@ anyBody"
Hair: TRUTH HAIR / Fire  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Halo: Blueberry / Angelberry Common Halo Shine  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Bra: Blueberry / Angelberry RARE Bra Shine  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Pantie: Blueberry / Angelberry RARE Panties  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Corset: Blueberry / Angelberry Common Corset Shine  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Boots: Blueberry / Angelberry Common Shoes Shine  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Wings: Blueberry / Angelberry RARE Wings White  "New! @ The Epiphany"
Tattoo: [White~Widow] / Harmonium  "New! @ Shiny Shabby"
Pose: Glamrus / Sotally Tober Ad

On her: Credits here!

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